A/C Maintenance from Your Local Realtor

Fort Lauderdale Realtor, Eric Miller of eXp Realty LLC was inspired to write about this situation after an interaction with another South Florida Realtor the other day during a showing. The listing agent insisted that condo insurance was a “waste of money”, “totally not required”, and had never heard anyone use the term “HO6” policy prior. The entire interaction was polite and followed up by an email with tons of information about Condo Insurance, and in writing this we can only hope the email was read.

Your Fort Lauderdale Condo A/C Pan Just Overflowed

Imagine this scenario: an a/c system in a condo complex overflow, sending water cascading into the apartment below. While the damage appears minor, the apartment owner claims that it necessitates replacing the entire kitchen due to water damage to his wood floor. This owner decides to pursue the unit owner whose a/c overflowed for the cost of flooring and a complete kitchen remodel. The battle begins. Luckily this is exactly what your condo insurance policy is for, and the insurance company takes on the representation expense.

Is the Fort Lauderdale Condo Owner Responsible?

The key argument made by the attorneys is that Broward County Code has mandated the use of a float switch for years. If the unit owner had diligently maintained their system, a float switch would have been added, and this mess could have been avoided. The arbitrators carefully considered the evidence presented, and it was the meticulous record-keeping that saved the day. The unit owner produced bills of yearly maintenance by licensed contractors. Notably, none of these experts had ever suggested installing a float switch. In this case, having a well-documented history of responsible maintenance made all the difference. The Fort Lauderdale Condo owner had used care in taking care of their system, they could not be considered an “air conditioning expert” and the entire incident was an accident that the insurance companies went on to work out.

Three important lessons here A) if you have an older a/c in your condo make sure to have a float switch installed B) If you own a South Florida Condo make sure you have proper insurance C) When hiring a buyer’s agent to be on your real estate team make sure to interview them and know that you are working with a professional for all your real estate needs.